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Winter X Games Kick Off and Special Olympic Win

Yesterday was an amazing first day to the 2018 Winter X Games in Aspen, Colorado.  We are very fortunate to be apart of this great event in our backyard. We have a kiosk on the event deck of X Fest right next to the Guest Services tent to help inspire, educate and register people about organ donation. Yesterday we spoke to over 100 attendees about organ donation and registered some people who were not organ donors. Colorado currently has  67.98% of the population registered as organ donors.

We were thrilled when we saw Colten Moore, a seven-time snowmobile X Games medalist, walking around and got to speak with him about how he is healing up from last years spinal cord injury. He informed us that he is on the mend and is looking forward to being on the other side of things this year judging the snowmobile X. Colten has always been a huge supporter of CKF and our mission to help raise awareness about organ donation especially after his brother Caleb Moore suffered a fatal injury during the 2013 X Games. Caleb was an organ donor and helped to save the lives of 6 other people. Check out a jumbotron commercial that Colten did for us last year to help raise awareness about organ donation.


Chris Klug had a big day out at the X Games as well competing in the Special Olympics with his buddy Henry Meece, from Organ. The sped down the course together and brought home gold medals.  Check out their article by the Aspen Times. Chris spoke on the athlete podium about the Chris Klug Foundation and about his promise with his foundation to give back and help to eliminate the wait of the 116,000 people currently waiting for a life-saving transplant.

Yesterday was filled with a lot of wonderful stories from people who had been affected by organ donation. We met a lady who’s niece had received a kidney transplant when she was two and is now 10. We met another woman who had donated her own bone marrow to herself. We also met another man who’s daughter also diagnosed with PSC and received a life-saving liver transplant just like Chris Klug.

We are looking forward to meeting more people and to hearing more stories about organ donation over the X Games weekend. Make sure to come say hi to us out on the X Fest deck.