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World Heart Day – Patient Ambassador Webinar

Today is World Heart Day and CKF is participating in this worldwide commemoration by hosting our very own World Heart Day webinar! This day focuses on raising awareness of cardiovascular disease (CVD)—which oftentimes leads to heart transplant—so this webinar will focus on CVD in relation to heart transplantation, heart donation,

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National Kidney Month – Patient Ambassador Webinar

CKF will be hosting another webinar in our 2021 Patient Ambassador webinar series on Thursday, March 25th at 11am MST. In honor of National Kidney Month, this webinar will focus specifically on kidney transplant, kidney health, and living kidney donation, including paired-exchange and altruistic donation. We will be featuring a

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ABC’s of Organ Donation – Patient Ambassador Webinar

We know organ donation can be a touchy topic to talk about sometimes…that’s why the next webinar in our 2021 Patient Ambassador webinar series is all about the ABC’s of Organ Donation! This webinar will cover: organ donation facts, the process of organ donation and will address common myths and

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COVID-19 Vaccines + the Transplant Community Webinar

The approval of COVID-19 vaccines has brought with it hope, excitement and a long list of questions. Results from a recent survey have indicated that the transplant community is split on whether to get the vaccine or not. As part of CKF’s collaboration with the COVID-19 Transplant Coalition, we are

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Get Involved with CKF and SODA Webinar

Are you interested in becoming an advocate for organ donation through the Chris Klug Foundation and/or Student Organ Donation Advocates (SODA)? CKF has partnered with SODA for this upcoming webinar on Thursday, January 21st. This free online event is specifically geared towards high school and college-aged students who are looking

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