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National Liver Awareness Month 2021

National Liver Awareness Month in October recognizes the importance of liver health and encourages Americans to pay attention to the signs of liver disease. As an organization founded by a liver disease survivor and liver transplant recipient, the Chris Klug Foundation strives to raise awareness of the devastating effects of

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How Receiving a Transplant Inspired a Career

Written by Alex Kula, liver transplant recipient. Edited by CC Cunningham, CKF Program Manager. Life is only as normal as we perceive it to be. Prior to any of my health challenges, my life almost felt too normal. I first noticed something was amiss when I was 15 years old,

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Early Liver Transplant Recipient Shares His Story

In 1990, after living with cirrhosis for years, Charlie Scott was introduced to Dr. Thomas Starzl, the first person to perform liver transplantation in humans. When Dr. Starzl told him about this risky new procedure, Charlie figured he had nothing to lose. 29 years later, Charlie is still going strong

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