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National Donor Sabbath Webinar

2021 Patient Ambassador Webinar Series

November 2021 - National Donor Sabbath Webinar

National Donor Sabbath Webinar

As part of CKF’s Patient Ambassador Program, our Patient Ambassador Webinar Series is a way to reach a wider audience and to ensure we’re connecting with this audience (viewers and supporters, like you!) in a safe, efficient way.


This month, CKF is hosting a National Donor Sabbath webinar to kick off this annual event. Observed November 12 – 14, National Donor Sabbath brings together faith leaders from many religions, donor families, transplant recipients, and donation and transplantation professionals to both celebrate and raise awareness of organ and tissue donation.  Topics covered in this webinar will include:

  • Faith Leaders of various religions perception of organ and tissue donation.
  • Exploring the myths and misconceptions of religion and transplant.
  • Supporting a member of your religious community through their relationship with transplant.
  • Identifying how religion can be a tool for transplant recipients to utilize to cope with the process.
Tuesday, November 9th, 2021
MTN 11AM / EST 1PM / CEN 12PM / PAC 10AM
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Guest Speakers
Rabbi Rick Brody Rabbi at Jewish Family Service in Denver CO

Rabbi Ricky Brody is a compassionate caregiver and counselor with extensive experience in providing pastoral care to those in need. Rabbi Rick has served in congregations, schools and other institutions across the USA including Los Angeles, Austin and the Delaware Valley. He is currently based in Denver and is currently a part of the Jewish Family Service. Rabbi Rick has done a proud supporter of organ donation and has worked with other organizations previously to raise awareness of the need for organ donation.

Rev Bill Lupfer Reverend At Christ Episcopal Church in Aspen

The Rev. Dr. William Lupfer has been serving Episcopal parishes for the past three decades in Chicago, Detroit, Portland, OR, New York City, Phoenix and Aspen, CO. Prior to parish ministry, he served in the criminal justice system in Bridgeport, CT for five years. Before that, he led a wide variety of wilderness adventure trips for young people. He met God while doing a three-day solo on the Missinaibi River in Canada when he was 15. He was raised in Chicago before marrying his wife Kimiko Koga in 1990 who is from Tokyo, they have two wonderful children together.

Rabbi Mendel Mintz Rabbi at the Chabad Jewish Community Center in Aspen

Rabbi Mendel Mintz is a prominent member of the Aspen community. In 2000 he and his wife Lieba Mintz moved to Aspen and have been blessed with six children. Mendel knew he wanted to be a spiritual leader and attended the Oholei Torah after school. Mendel later founded the Chabad Jewish Community Center which aims to bring Aspen’s Jewish Community together, through the JCC Mendel teaches a Hebrew language reading course as well as running a number of communal events through the year.

Ryan Harris Former Denver Broncos Player | Practicing Muslim | Transplant Recipient Family Member

Ryan is a former Denver Broncos OT he is an avid supporter of organ donation after seeing the impact it had on his family when his father’s life was saved by the gift of organ donation. Ryan is a practicing Muslim and takes the time to campaign to get an increase in the number of Muslim organ donors across the US.  Ryan is a Super Bowl 50 Champion as well as 10-year veteran of the NFL, he was drafted to the Denver Broncos before playing for Houston Texans, Kansas City Chiefs and the Pittsburgh Steelers.