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Meet-N-Greet: The Story of Johnny Talbot

We had the pleasure of getting to sit down and speak with Terry and Heather Talbot about their son Johnny who tragically passed away because of a head injury 7 years ago in a car accident.

Little did they know that their son was an organ donor. Their daughter knew that her brother was a donor and they had both talked about it before. The doctors at the hospital approached the parents about organ donation and brought out the green ribbon that represented organ donation.

When friends came to say their good-byes Terry found a perfect time to get their attention and ask Johnny’s friends if they knew what it represented. None of them knew what the green ribbon represented. Johnny’s friends learned the significance of the ribbon was and that their friend had taken the time to become a donor. Now all of this friends have registered to become a donor along with all of their families.

Heather, Johnny’s mother, now does talks and helps others by giving them grievance counseling.

Their son’s choice to be an organ donor helped raise their awareness about the importance of becoming a donor and the special gift that each of us has to live life and then the opportunity to give life.




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