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Meet-N-Greet: Dan Palmer

Dan Palmer received a liver transplant and it gave him a second chance at life. We met Dan at the Transplant Games in Cleveland, Ohio.

Dan has always had a deep passion for music and he was in charge of the Lyrics For Life at the Transplant Games. He finds music to be a great way for people to express themselves, get on stage, get out of their comfort zone and share their stories with people through music.

He was unaware that he had a liver disease. He gained 60 pounds in a few months. He was told that he wouldn’t be able to get a transplant. That he didn’t have enough money. They game him a few days to live and then a prognosis of 4 months to live. He was told that he would not live long enough to get a liver transplant and that there was nothing that the doctors could do or that he could do.  He was on the

Dan waited on the wait list for six years. He lived in California at the time where the organ donor shortage is so severe that you have to be extremely sick to get a transplant. Once he was a little more healthy Dan took the initiative to move to Florida where the statistics for him getting a transplant were better. He was able to get a transplant when he was still fairly healthy, so he was able to get the transplant and recover fairly quickly.

Dan was used to being active and after his liver transplant, it was difficult for him to lift five pounds. Dan used his energy to take his dog on walks during the day. Sometimes he would go on walks four times a day with his walker and his dog. Dan’s dog has virtually walked him back to health. There seems to be a new meaning in the saying a dog is a mans best friend. For Dan, his dog became his post-transplant life saver.

Dan is living to honor the great gift of life.



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