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Meet-N-Greet: Allison and Jennifer Herr


We were able to meet up with Allison and Jennifer Herr at the Transplant Games of America in Cleveland, Ohio to hear how transplantation had touched their lives.

Allison received a liver transplant when she was 2 and a half years old. She was born with biliary atresia disease which is a rare disease of the liver and bile ducts that occurs in infants. Symptoms typically develop or appear about two to eight weeks after birth. Allison’s Mother, Jennifer, wasn’t sure that Allison was going to make it. After she was on the transplant waitlist for a year and nine months she received a life-saving liver transplant.

After Allison was on the transplant waitlist for a year and nine months she received a life-saving liver transplant. Jennifer expressed how hard it is because you are happy but someone else is saying good-bye to their loved one forever and they will never physically see them again. The positive thing about organ donation that Jennifer pointed out is that spiritually the other person is here with their organ recipients and the organ donors can go on in life through them.

Jennifer said that “If you can look beyond the tunnel and see a little bit of light that your loved one will go on forever and never fade out because you have someone here who is physically promoting them.” That is a beautiful thing.









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  1. Deborah Clark 5 years ago May 6, 2017

    In October 2014 my husband Byron Clark became suddenly ill with Cingestive a Heart Failure. By February 2015 only 10% of the left side of his heart was functioning. He had to get an LVAD placed on his heart or he had less than 6 months to live. The surgeons discovered a virus, a common virus had attached his heart. He was put on the transplant list after the LVAD surgery and thanking God and his donor every day, he received his new heart on June 23, 2016!! You don’t have to be born with a disease, or have cardiac issues in your family for this to happen! He is 10 months rejection free and we are praying that some day his donor family would like to meet! Until then, he lives a life of gratefulness and thankfulness!!!! We have also started a foundation to help others that face the issue of LVAD’s to transplant. Please visit our website There is such a huge need to assist with medical equipment, medications and the financial issues that come with this! We know God put us in this for a reason and we want to give back through this foundation. We are have our first Golf Outing Fundraiser in a few weeks here in Toledo. May 21st!!! Information is on our website!

    Thank you!!

    • user 5 years ago May 22, 2017


      We apologize. We just saw this. We would love to share his story still with our community. Can you please email Also, please send along some photos to go with the story. We appreciate it. Look forward to getting it.