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I Think I Am Supposed To Give You My Kidney


Well, our story started a long time ago when we didn’t even know each other. About 8 years ago my family adopted a dog. We started taking her to a local vet and that was the first time I came into contact with my donor. She was at the front desk checking animals in, for some strange reason I kept looking at her. I was drawn to her, wanting to know who she was, what’s her name. She looked like someone really cool that I would hang out with.



Every time I took my dog in I would be drawn towards her, we never met though. Well, I’ve been going to Momentum Christian church since 2006 and one day about 2 years ago I walked into church and low and behold BOOM, she’s there. I was like holy crap. It was close to summer and during summer we take, a break from Mogroups ( bible study/ small groups of people) and had summer electives. Well, I knew I was sick and was being worked up for my second kidney transplant.


My aunt was a match but still needed to make sure she was healthy enough. Well, one of the electives was ‘every body matters’ an elective on living a healthy lifestyle to serve Jesus better. So, of course, I signed up for it. I ordered the book and started getting ready for the first lesson. So I go to the address of the home that the elective was taking place. Guess what ……….. She answered the door! It was her house; she had changed her lifestyle a while ago because her husband had heart failure.

Well during that time I had been wearing masks to keep the germs away. They were trying to avoid me being on dialysis and getting sick could have spiraled out of control. One day Carrie asked me, ” Why do you wear a mask”? I’m the type of person who doesn’t want people to look at me as “the sick girl”. I keep going on with life even if I’m dying and people would never know. Anyway back to the story, so I had explained to her about being sick and needing another transplant.


Well, my aunt was still being tested and life continued on as usual. I guess God had a plan that we didn’t even see coming into play those 8 years ago. I guess God told Carrie one night that she’s supposed to give me her kidney if my aunt wasn’t a match. Now mind you, we were only acquaintances at this point. She discussed it with her husband 3 boys and everyone was cool with it. So I had no clue at this point but my aunt called me and said she wanted to stop over. Okay, cool no problem. She walked in and I could see her face and knew what was coming. I cried for about 3 minutes wiped off my face and said: ” Gods got this”. I finally posted on FB what happened. I said my trust is with God I’m not worried and life will go on.



I’m not sure how long after that, that Carrie private messaged me saying “I think I’m supposed to give you my kidney. God said I was”. WHAT !!!!!!!!  My faith was strong and my reply was I don’t think you’re crazy. So we started the process. Even doctors doubted what God could do during this process. They would tell Carrie if you are not a match we can get someone for Jamie and you can donate yours to someone else. Carrie was persistent and said, “no I’m a match”. So some weeks go by and one Sunday she comes up to me and gives me the news.  She’s a match, tears, joy all emotions come out. We started “dating” getting to know each other better during this time. Finally, the news came and the surgery was scheduled for June 21st, 2016. That’s the day we officially became #teambekas 2 families that became one. God loves us so much that sometimes a lesson takes 9 years to show its fruit.




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