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I Could Barely Walk, Eat, Breathe, Think

My name is Cheyenne and I’m 22 Years old and on dialysis. I was diagnosed with kidney failure after my first year of college, and after that, my life changed. I left UCSD and moved to a new county where my parents were. I eventually got so sick that I could barely walk, eat, breathe, think… I started dialysis February 2, 2017, and started with hemodialysis and transitioned to peritoneal dialysis.

This is the hardest fight I’ve ever fought. Kidney failure isn’t just a simple disease where you get a kidney and you’re set for life. There are all these complications that go alongside it and I hope I can raise awareness through my page to show that kidney failure is a complex illness. Dialysis sounds like a solution but it’s not. The longer you’re on dialysis the shorter your life gets cut, and with dialysis, many other health issues can arise.

There are so many limitations with my lifestyle.  I haven’t had a full college experience and probably won’t, but that’s ok. I really just would love to have one working kidney to give me a chance at a normal life. I want to pursue my goals and dreams but can’t at the moment because of my limitations. My main goal right now is to find a living donor so I can go back to school and graduate.

Even though every day is a struggle, I’m really grateful that dialysis and transplant exist because if they didn’t, I wouldn’t be alive to see the world. The mental aspect of being on dialysis and unable to do much has taken a toll on me but I still won’t let the negative side of it all dictate how I feel and act. I have many days where I feel sad about my situation, still, I try my best to stay positive because I am hopeful for a better and healthier future.?For now, it’s just searching

Thank you for reading my story and if you’d like to see my journey with kidney failure you can follow my Facebook and or Instagram: @kidneyforchey