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Her true intention on this earth was meant for perfect strangers.

Thinking of my sister always brings a smile to my heart. I love sharing her story and talking about her whenever I get the chance. Although for 11 years she was in extreme need of care, she was selfless in every way. Always wanting to take care of others, help wherever she could, and do whatever she was capable of to make others happy. She lit up a room with her big smile and contagious energy, people loved that about her! She was so brave. Strong. And a relentless fighter.

 It’s amazing to look back at these pictures and see that her purpose here was never for us. The body she lived in was always temporary; her illness was always just a cover. Her true intention on this earth was meant for perfect strangers. These perfect strangers, in little bodies who needed her more than we did. In her 16 years of life she spent more time with them than us, and in that time I couldn’t help but be angry and feel robbed of her. It was only after she was gone that she revealed to us what her true purpose here was, it was clearly never for us, it was for them. She was always intended as their guardian angel. I’m so grateful for these images, they have calmed my heart.

I’d be lying, however, if I said there weren’t moments where I don’t want her back or wonder who she’d be now, wishing she could be an aunt to my children and know my amazing husband, & spend time with our mom. Deep down I find solace in knowing that none of that was ever going to happen, as she was meant for something so much greater. Something tells me she’s still out there somewhere living out her soul’s purpose. I am so proud of her and proud that I was able to even know her. Even though it was only 16 short years she forever changed my life, and those of everyone she met.

For us, it may have been her 24th Birthday, but she’s truly always been this beautiful 16yr old guardian angel. I will always remember to stop and smell the roses in life. I love you my Jazmine Rose.

“Her life & purpose extended through organ donation.”