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My family and I have always been registered as organ donors because of how important and meaningful it is, but it was really in the past year that we became extremely passionate about it.

Ten months ago my Nana passed away very quickly and very suddenly, and as you can imagine we were distraught. My Nana, mom, my sister, and myself have always been very close – we even called ourselves The Golden Girls! When Donate Life Florida and Florida LifeLink approached us about Nana being an organ donor, we finally were able to feel a sense of relief because they were honoring her wishes.

My Nana was completely and utterly selfless, and we pride ourselves in how happy she would be knowing that she lives on through the three lives she was able to save through the gifts of her kidneys and liver. Now we attend every event we can and spread the message of organ donation as much as we can in honor of Nana.

I hope my story can help inspire people to do the same and give the gift of life. Much love to you all!

Alexa Sheppard