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Expecting Twins!

Mark is a law enforcement hero and now a proud recipient of twins, twin lungs that is…

As I’m entering the 3rd trimester since my life saving bilateral lung transplant on New Years Day 2017, I try not to complain about the meds, the weakness, dramatic loss of muscle mass and the hand tremors. My impatience with recovery from “one of the most traumatic surgeries the human body can take” is self induced and totally my nature as a natural born communicator and over achiever.

In reality, my new reality, I have nothing to complain about! I’m breathing on my own with a new pair of incredible lungs.

Don’t call me a “Waambulance”  yet, I’m pretty good at biting my own lip and repositioning my attitude of gratitude.


Thank you Lord for my wife and family. For the family of my organ donor who saved my life. For the Transplant Team of Doctors and staff at University Hospital in San Antonio, Texas. For my Pulmonary Doctor who referred me to UT Medical Research Center in San Antonio, Texas, when he chose not to just treat the symptoms and instead committed to identify a diagnosis.

A total transplant recovery rookie amounts to my tremendous opportunity to celebrate survivorship and accept my responsibility to testify on behalf of my organ donor with my story of being gifted extended life.

“I’ve got nothing to complain about!”

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