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Do You Know Why You Should Become An Organ Donor?

Organ Donation Awareness

Do you know why you should become an organ donor?

My name is Azalee Hoffbauer and throughout this school year, I have been hosting monthly educational groups at Cedaredge High School to answer this question.

By becoming an organ donor, one person can save eight lives after he or she passes away. Most people don’t know or understand this fact, and that is why I have been raising awareness at CHS.

Payton Donahue, a frequent participant of the group, says she learned “what it takes and who I would be helping” when it comes to organ donation. With the help of the Chris Klug Foundation, an organization whose goal is to educate everyone on the importance of organ donation, I have provided students who come to my meetings with accurate information about organ donation.


I came to find out that some of the student population had already become donors on their own. Natalie Barnard, who became an organ donor earlier in the year, says “I became an organ donor because after I pass away I don’t need those organs and why not give them to someone else? If I won’t be using them then I think someone should.” This is how most people think about organ donation.

It is a very easy act and can help so many people live to see another day.

Every day, 20 people die for lack of donated organs. As of 2008, all twenty of those people could be saved if just 3 of the 6,775 people who die daily in the U.S became organ donors. Saving that many people with such an easy act is amazing.

Many religions and other groups support organ donation as an act of charity and selflessness.

Organ donation is a very easy way to help out fellow human beings. A person can become an organ donor by registering online or at the local DMV. It will then be printed on a driver’s license for paramedics to see if you are ever in a fatal accident. You can then donate.

Become an Organ Donor today!