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35 Reasons: The Documentary – Part II

Phil has collaborated with the Los Angeles Marathon and Conqur Endurance Group to create “35 Reasons,” a two-part documentary that tells his story and presents the concept of living organ donation to a wider audience. In July, we published Part I of Phil’s Donor Story along with the first part of this documentary. This is the second part of his story as well as the second half of his documentary.

Phil Shin is a runner from South Pasadena, California. In 2018, just a few weeks after running his eighth Los Angeles Marathon, Phil was diagnosed with early-stage liver cancer. Despite having the racquetball-sized tumor removed from his liver and a portion of his liver removed in the process, the cancer returned. The only curative option that remained was a liver transplant.

Throughout this entire experience, Phil has remained positive and determined to continue what he loves doing most: running. Before the second cancer diagnosis, he qualified for the 2020 Boston Marathon and, since then, he’s made it his ultimate goal to compete in the race next year, no matter the outcome of his medical situation…

Watch ‘Episode 2’ of “35 Reasons” here.

…Thankfully, however, Phil doesn’t have to remain uncertain about his transplant any longer. We are delighted to share that, as of last week, Phil officially has a living donor! A good friend of Phil’s—also a runner—stepped up and offered to donate a portion of his liver to free him from cancer and give him a second chance at life. This friend was officially approved to be Phil’s donor over the weekend. Phil’s liver transplant surgery has been scheduled for Wednesday, September 11th. Congratulations, Phil! We can’t wait to see how you do in the Boston Marathon and beyond with your new gift of life!



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