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Meet Your Personalized KidneyChef

New Resource Launched to Give Kidney Patients Food Freedom
  • KidneyChef is a budget-friendly health resource that gives kidney patients the power to say “YES” to delicious, chef-designed foods that they CAN eat.
  • KidneyChef offers chef-designed recipes, healthy meal plans, shopping lists and more, all customized to a person’s very unique medical situation; and all for a fraction of the price.
  • KidneyChef is social. Members share recipes and stories, meet new friends, motivate one another, and become part of a global community that empowers kidney patients.

Over 200 million people around the world live with kidney disease, and they all face a long list of “No’s” – including foods they can’t eat because of health restrictions. It’s a long and challenging journey for kidney patients, full of prescribed diets and foods that are dull and tasteless. Sadly, many give up and revert to old food habits that are detrimental to their health.

KidneyChef is the vision of professional chef and kidney patient Matan Volach, who works with a team of doctors, dietitians, chefs, and patients to develop this unique resource. “Nothing about KidneyChef is blanket or generic. Allergies, diets, medical conditions, and nutritional requirements are entered to receive meal plans absolutely customized to a person’s unique medical situation. Anyone can use it, including pre-dialysis, dialysis, and post-transplant patients; and even perfectly healthy people,” Chef Matan says.

KidneyChef also filters recipes by difficulty level, preparation time, price range, and more. The resource is designed with the knowledge that most kidney patients lack the time, technical knowledge, and/or money to get the regular professional help which they so desperately need.

KidneyChef helps people maintain an inexpensive, long-term, health-supportive diet. “Being told to control your nutrients doesn’t have to be a death sentence for your taste buds and wallet.” The resource pays for itself many times over. During this Indiegogo campaign, membership is only $10 per YEAR. People save on eating out, cookbooks and classes, professional services, and more. Members also receive various coupons to save even more.

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