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CKF Takes Over NYC In The 2016 Marathon

The Chris Klug Foundation had a team of 15 runners in the 2016 TCS NYC Marathon.

Each step taken by each runner helped to spread the word and raise awareness about the importance of organ donation. The team of runners each raised $3,500. Between training and raising awareness about organ donation, this was by no means a simple task.






The TCS NYC Marathon started back in 1970. In the beginning, it was confined to Central Park with about 127 runners. Since then it has grown to the impressive size of around 50,000 runners and one of the most sought after marathons to run in the world.

NYC, New York – Sunday November 6, 2016: Aerial Coverage of the New York City Marathon for ESPN (© Joe McNally 2016 for ESPN)

The TCS NYC Marathon started on Staten Island. The team was taken there by ferries then shuttled to the start line. The energy of the 50,000 runners was impressive and contagious. All running together to raise awareness about causes that are close to their heart.

The race then took the runners on a visual tour of the massive city through the five boroughs of New York.

New York has one of the lowest percentages of people registered as organ donors at 17% of the population registered. This number has increased from 11% in big part due to the implementation of Lauren’s Law which was passed in 2012. The law makes the question- if you are willing to be an organ donor- mandatory when a New Yorker applies for a driver’s license. The law was recently extended for four more years this year.







The Chris Klug Foundation wants to extend a big thank you to our team who took the time and energy to help us on our mission of raising awareness about the importance of organ donation.

Education is key to raising the number of people registered across the United States.

It is our goal to increase the number of registered donors from 43% to 75%.

Help us, Help others!




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