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Aspen Sports Summit 2016

The Aspen Sports Summit was held this past weekend at the Aspen Meadows Resort and was put on by the Aspen Club. It was a great event with many knowledgeable individuals within the fields of sports, health, and fitness.

Being in a room filled with experts in their fields speaking about the importance of exercise, how to stretch and build the body in specific manners is simply amazing.

There were sports experts such as, PJ O’Clair, who demonstrated how to use Pilate movements to increase your flow and become more mindful, Dr. Haley Perlus spoke to everyone about sports physiology and how to set your mind on your goal and see that goal through,  Lauryn Williams spoke about her experience competing in the Olympics and what it was like to be a woman in the Olympics and  Coach Loren Landow demonstrated the appropriate techniques to run to obtain optimal speed.

Here is a sneak peak into the life of Coach Loren Landow and the impact he has had on training athletes from the NFL to the Olympics to Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

Here is a list of others who graced the stage with their knowledge:

Bill Fabrocini, PT.

Dr. Eric Goodman, DC.

Greg Roskopf, MA.

Pete Holman, PT.

Dr. Eleanor Von Stade, MD.

Dr. Donald Corenman, MD, DC.

Chris Crowley

Dr. Jeremy James, DC, CSCS.

Dr. Christina Miller, MD.

Dirk Schultz

Michael David Cook, NSCA-CPT, Titleist CGFI

Dawn Shepard, PT.

It is so important to raise awareness about the health of the body and how to maintain it for optimal use. The Aspen Sports Summit did a wonderful job bringing in experts from all backgrounds of the sports world to discuss the importance of health, training and being consistent.



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