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Patient Ambassador Program

The Chris Klug Foundation and Astellas strive for inspirational recognition of transplant recipients who exemplify the idea that “…transplantation is the mainstream medicine that can, and often does, result in a great quality of life for recipients.”

The CKF Ambassador Program and Bounce Back Award recognizes that life post-transplant can range from significant achievements in career and social impact to simply leading a fulfilling life with family and friends. By personally connecting to transplant recipients through our Ambassadors, Key Sponsors and CKF can inspire those touched by transplantation and bring much-needed education and awareness to our cause.

  • Who are our Ambassadors?

    The CKF Ambassadors are selected from organ transplant recipient candidates who exemplify a great quality of life and are making an impact on the transplant community. These individuals come from all walks of life and each have a unique and inspirational story to share.

  • What do they do?

    The CKF Ambassadors visit with transplant recipients and their families, in hospitals and transplant centers, to inspire them to make the most of their second chance at life. Life post-transplant can be a challenge, and our Ambassadors strive to be examples of the quality of life you can have by meeting those challenges.

  • Bounce Back Award, Give Back Award

    CKF and Astellas will recognize an Ambassador who has demonstrated inspirational dedication to the program throughout the year by presenting them with an award at our annual Summit for Life event.

  • Who can be our Ambassador

    CKF’s Ambassadors are made up of organ and tissue recipients who have partnered with us in an effort to promote the success of organ, eye, and tissue transplantation, and create awareness of the extreme need for registered donors. The Ambassadors are located around the country- primarily near a transplant center. They visit those who are on the waiting list and those who have recently received a transplant, to ensure them that they have been given a second chance, and that life is not simply limited to a hospital bed.